This series was born during a creative residency at Château de Thozée, a place intimately linked to the life and work of the painter and engraver from Namur Felicien Rops (1833-1898).


The poet Charles Baudelaire stayed there.




An encounter,

behind closed doors,


Strange quest,


Suspension or

reminiscence ?



On the threshold of life’s last milestone, be it magnified or depreciated, things become different.


The years wrinkle the skin and a certain frailty appears. Space becomes narrower, time gets longer.


Past and present often get mixed up.


Death is already present.



To understand the slow mutation that family-based agriculture is going through in our regions is the idea of this work. During a year, men and women revealed their daily life to me.


Here, no deceit, no extras. Silences and simple words to say the main thing: the work hardships, the passion, the independence and the happiness of an existence following nature’s rhythms.


Giving an intuitive answer to this world - common sense that tends to disappear.



At first glance, the last wild beach of France looks like a heap of caravans with a crowd of holiday-makers that seem crushed by the sun.


Installation is done so and so, you meet your new neighbors... and Piémanson becomes other. In fact, that popular and relaxed beach has nothing wild about it. It's a remnant space of freedom and cultural mix. Camping is ephemeral, cohabitation is respectful, the pleasures are simple, the codes are subtle. Everyone seems to have its place, nature too.




When night falls, dugout canoes set out the port of Calaban Coro in Mali to the Guinean border to get sand. At morning, it’s effervescence. Teams of men, women and children go alongside for days on end to unload the sand that will then be used for construction works in town.