After studying physical therapy and art history, Anne-Sophie Costenoble slowly discovered the photographic practice by traveling.  Attendance of workshops and meetings led her work to take on a narrative and poetic form.  Since then, she has explored photographic writing through intimate fiction and collaborative projects.

She works with  44 Gallery.


Her pictures have been exhibited in Belgium at the Museum of Photography in Charleroi and the Contretype Gallery in Brussels but also in France, at the Festival Circulation(s) with the collective Caravan, at the festival Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs in Bordeaux, in Arles, et the Transphotographiques in Lille as well as been shown at Le Bal and the MEP in Paris.   Her works have also been on exhibition in Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Mali (Rencontres de Bamako 2007).


Press review - Expo view





2019 : Residency Halsnøy Kloster - Norvway

2019 : Le rêve, Centre Walonnie-Bruxelles, Paris - France

2019 : Détour gallery, Namur - Belgium


2018 : Prix Maison Blanche, Marseille - France

2018 : Residency Château de Thozée - Belgium


2017 : l’heure bleue, Museum of Photography, Charleroi - Belgium

2017 :  Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs, Bordeaux - France


2016 : Encontros da imagen, finalist Discovery Award, Braga - Portugal

2016 :  Mon coeur s’est arrêté, 44 Gallery, Bruges - Belgium


2015 :  Le silence de l’oiseau, Espace Photographique Contretype, Bruxelles - Belgium


2014  : Le silence de l’oiseau, Atelier de la Chaudronnerie, Rencontres d’Arles - France

2014  : Open Show Paris, Pavillon du Carré de Baudouin, Paris - France


2011  :  Kaunas Photo Festival - Lithuania

2011  :  Slideluck Potshow II, Le Bal, Paris - France


2010  : National Photography Prize, Museum of Photography, Charleroi - Belgium

2010  :  Domestic, Espacio Cultural, Barcelone - Spain


2007  :  7th African Photography Meeting, Bamako - Mali